May 2019

NASA To Award Contracts To Eleven Companies To Work On Lunar Exploration

       On May 16th, NASA announced that forty-five and a half million dollars is going to be awarded to eleven companies under the terms of NextSTEP E contracts. NASA has been developing a plan for manned lunar exploration. A space station dubbed the Gateway will be placed in orbit around the Moon.

Sapa Profiles Supplied Poor Quality Parts To NASA For Twenty Years

        In addition to writing this weekly blog on space issues, I write a blog about nuclear issues every week day. In my nuclear blog, I have often talked about the greed and incompetence of some companies in the nuclear industry. Le Creuset is a French Company that sold nuclear components and reactor vessels made of substandard steel for decades before they were caught.

ARCAL Is Assisting Latin American Nations In the Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Technology

       Yukiya Amano is the Director General of the Regional Cooperation Agreement for the Promotion of Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARCAL).  At a conference in Varadero, Cuba, he said that in the last thirty-five years, Latin America has made significant progress in the use of nuclear techniques for development projects.

Radioactive Waste 395 - Strontium 90 Contamination Stops Work On Demolition Project At Hanford

       A few months ago, two “contamination events” occurred the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Eastern Washington State. The events happened while employees of CH2M Hill were working on Building 324 which is the most radioactively contaminated building at Hanford. It is near the Columbia River and only a mile away from the town of Richland.

Nuclear Reactors 680 - New Economical Method For Extracting Uranium From Seawater Has Been Developed

       A research team from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, the University of California - Berkeley, and the University of South Florida have developed a low-cost polymer adsorbent that can selectively bind to dissolved uranium in water. A report on the new process has just been published in the Nature Communications journal.

Radioactive Waste 394 - Small Amount Of Enriched Uranium Found At Ohio School


Zahn’s Corner Middle School

       Recently, I wrote about a cube of uranium that was donated to a scientist anonymously. It turned out that it was confiscated from a German laboratory at the end of World War II. Several years ago, a mislabeled sample of radioactive material was discovered in a college chem lab. No one was sure where it came from.